Jaguar cat greeting cards

A lot of the art that I create is meant to uplift and inspire people in some way. Whether it’s to tell someone that they matter or that they are beautiful. Or it may be meant to inspire someone to follow their heart and their dreams. Most of my work has messages that I know many people can relate to. They are definitely messages that I can relate to. I guess you can say, that a lot of the messages in my work are affirmations to myself.

They are constant reminders to myself to be fearless, to be peaceful, to follow my heart and to stay connected to Spirit, to name a few. These are all things I’ve learned along the way, and will continue to learn and grow into. They are lessons that can take a lifetime of practice. In our fast-paced, stressful society, it can be really challenging sometimes to remember to do these things or to BE these things. We can very easily forget and become unbalanced and get lost in our heads instead of our hearts. So, it’s such a great feeling when I hear a customer say that they resonate with my art and with the messages that my art conveys. I’ve had people tell me that they will be placing the piece that they bought on their prayer table or altar where they do their meditations. What a great way to remind ourselves on a daily basis.

I also include inspirational messages on the back of my greeting cards and hidden on some of my art prints. When given as a gift, I think it’s such a great way for someone to get a message that they may be needing at that time. There are many ways that we can uplift and inspire one another and ourselves and art is a beautiful way to do just that!

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