Heart-Shaped Stones and Intuitive Readings

Heart-shaped stones in hands

Quite a few years ago, I had a reading done by a really well-known medium. The information I was given was mind blowing. I had believed in intuition and readings but had never experienced a reading this good with this much detail. My Dad, who had passed away years prior, had come through and that’s exactly who I wanted to talk to. My Dad and I were super close and I was completely devastated when he passed away. It was completely unexpected and a shock to everyone that knew and loved him.

This reading will always hold a special place in my heart. Besides all of the information that I was told that I could confirm, I was also told that I would find a heart-shape stone and that it would be a sign from my Dad. I honestly didn’t put much thought into that statement only because when someone says something may happen, I kind of doubt it sometimes. I just think, it may or may not and either way it’s ok.

Well a while later, I went to a weekend painting retreat. On one of our breaks, one of the other students and I went for a walk and were talking. We were walking on a stone-filled path. I happened to look down and immediately saw a heart-shaped rock! I was stunned and grabbed it… and kind of shouted, “this is a heart isn’t it??!!!” The woman I was walking with said “yes, it is” and probably thought I was crazy by the way! I didn’t mention the significance to her. I just tucked it away and continued to feel so excited and happy! Part of me was blown away at finding it. I wasn’t looking for it or even expecting it. But here it was! It was more confirmation from my reading!

The amazing thing is that I’m still finding them to this day. I have a collection that I’ve found in nature, that friends have given me or that I’ve purchased. One of my friends even brought back two heart stones from Sedona that she found while hiking. She knew the significance and was sweet enough to gift them to me. And my father-in-law found a couple up North (what we Michiganders call Northern Michigan) while fishing and brought them back for me too! Over the years, the hearts have evolved into other things, not just stones. So I'll see hearts in nature, food or other objects, which is pretty amazing. I've been posting some of these experiences on my IG page.

I’m so grateful for the reading and for the signs from my Dad and from Spirit. I can’t say that I believe it’s my Dad every time I find a heart-shaped stone, but I do think it’s Spirit giving me a message for sure. I’m not going to pretend that I know how these things work or how a person that has passed can even send messages like this. There are so many things we just can’t understand. All I know is that it warms my heart every time I find one to add to my collection. Thanks Spirit. And thanks Dad. I love you!

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