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Meet Janelle Gurchinoff... The Artist Behind Spirit Cat.

Spirit Cat was born when my love for art and spirituality came together. The name represents an archetype and power animal that’s always been with me, yet I only discovered on my shamanic path. Jaguar represents the West direction of a healing journey called the medicine wheel. Among other things, Jaguar embodies fearlessness and being a warrior of peace, which are both states of being that I very much needed in my life. My shamanic journey helped me to realize that in order to express myself creatively, I needed to be courageous and vulnerable and needed to believe in myself enough to share who I am with the world.

My journey in art and spirituality have both been about growth... growing into my gifts and medicine, becoming a better human and using my gifts to serve. My intention has always been to elevate and inspire people through my art, by adding a bit of positive energy into their homes or work space. I understand that everything is energy, so what we listen to, watch or see, and the people we surround ourselves with all have a vibration of their own that can either uplift us or have the opposite effect. I want my home to be my sanctuary... to be a space that is healing and that just feels good. Interior design, home decor and thrift shopping are also passions of mine. Both home decor and art, tell a story about who we are and can elevate our space and our hearts. So I love surrounding myself with beautiful things whether they are treasures that I found, items that hold special meaning or art that I love.

A lot of my inspiration comes from spiritual connection and all of the magic that it brings. I’m really drawn to our indigenous ancestors and their wisdom, our connection to nature and animals, and messages from Spirit that come in many forms like feathers and hearts. You may find small hearts hidden in some of my pieces as well as hidden messages of love. (You can read about the significance of the photos of heart-shaped stones here in my blog post.) I kind of sum up my work with the term “Art for a new consciousness”. For me this reflects the shifts and awakening that our collective consciousness is experiencing and the great potential that we all have to grow and heal. I believe we are all being called to remember our true nature and our oneness with each other and with all life. If I can contribute to that change through spreading messages of love and peace, that is a huge blessing and I’m so grateful.

I've had the pleasure of meeting some of my customers in person and hearing how my art has affected them. It's so amazing to hear and just fills me up. Here are some beautiful examples...

  • A high school teacher bought a few of my prints to hang in her classroom so students can be inspired by and learn from the messages. Wowzers, how powerful is that?!!
  • A couple visiting from New Zealand were drawn to my paintings of Native Americans and their wisdom because it so closely resembled their indigenous culture. 
  • A guy who became more aware after being in a profession that was damaging to our planet, bought one my prints that spoke to caring for our Earth.
  • A young woman asked if she could give me a hug after looking at one of my prints that moved her so much.
  • A mother and her young daughter bought one of my prints that speaks to not judging others based on their appearance. The little girl was very drawn to it and the meaning behind it, feeling the same way about kids in her class.

        All heart-warming experiences that I’m so grateful to have had!

        You can find all of the art I’ve referenced and more in my online shop

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