My Interview in Soul Sister Wisdom Magazine!

Artist feature interview in Soul Sister Wisdom magazine

I’m super excited and honored to be featured in the latest issue of Soul Sister Wisdom Magazine. The January 2016 issue is called Changing the World and is filled with so many great articles and interviews. The magazine features women from around the world that are following their hearts and souls calling.

The following is from the magazine’s founder Rebecca…
Soul Sister Wisdom explores and inspires the practices and effects of spirituality, positivity and empowerment in women’s lives.  The magazine aims to generate sisterhood among women by bringing women all around the world together. It is a place where women care, share, listen, inspire, guide, educate, encourage, support and applaud each other. It is for women who are interested in spirituality, self-development, self-love, self-care and self-responsibility, holistic health and well being, sisterhood, empowerment, positive and productive thinking and action, and co-creating a new world.

What a beautiful intention for a magazine! I love that Rebecca wants women to unite and support each other. It’s so awesome! Yes, I’ll take some of that please!! Some of the lovely topics you’ll find in this months issue are changing habits, self-transformation, the importance of kindness and helping others, how we can change the world in ‘ordinary’ ways and following our hearts.

You can check out the magazine here at This month’s issue is also FREE as a special holiday gift! It’s normally $10 per issue. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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